The 10 Superfoods You Should Start Eating

19 Oct

Eating these types of foods will give you a quick and easy solution to get enough daily nutrients into your body. Stepping into the world of Superfoods is a big change, some people get overwhelmed by these changes. Usually people want answers to the next questions:

“Do they taste good?”

“How much cost Superfoods?”

“Which ones should I use?”

To summarize it all, Superfoods are great for your body because of all the nutrients that you can get by consuming them. They are all natural, filled with many nutrients that our bodies need and are non-GMO. We want to help you transition to Superfood, so we made a list of the top 10 Superfoods that people recommend because of their taste and nutritional levels.


And these are the foods that we recommend


Chia Seeds

chia seedsThese seeds are great for everyone who is looking for something healthy to add to your green smoothies. These seeds are good for your brain, they are full of high content of omega fatty acids, which increase brain functions. They are also proven to be good for your heart because they lover high cholesterol levels and decrease chances for heart disease. There are also many studies that they boast a wide variety of nutrients: protein, fiber, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and antioxidants. Now we are going to address how much of these seeds do we need to eat, usually people eat up to three tablespoons of Chia seeds, there are many different recipes on how to eat them, but the most of them still choose smoothies. They are easy to prepare and also teas great and also the seeds give the drink a mildly sweet flavor.


Coconut Oil

When I was first reading about this Superfood, my first thought was ”can oils be healthy?”. The answer is YES, oils can be very healthy and we shouldn’t give up on them. Coconut oil is especially recommended for all the people who are exercising to lose weight, it’s an important ingredient for you. This oil is full of fatty acids, which help our body convert fat tissue into energy that boosts metabolism. This oil isn’t the same as animal derived saturated fats that add body fat, it has the reversed effect. However, don’t go crazy, you should use one tablespoon of coconut oil in your green smoothie for breakfast or you can use it in other meals. You should notice visible changes in your body in no time.


Flax Seeds

flax seedsThese seeds are best known for its fatty acids and fiber, which are very important. Why are omega fatty acids important? When we discuss this it is better to ask what fatty acids can’t do for us than what they can do. They play an important part in proper cardiovascular and immune system, brain function, joint function, soft skin, and much more. There is also a lot of fiber in Flax seeds , which is also good for many different things. It is especially effective with eliminating toxins from your body, which is a mechanism that don’t many ingredients offer us. The recommended daily amount of Flax seeds is just one tablespoon of ground Flax seed. You can try whole seeds, just put them into your smoothie for a subtle, nutty flavor.


Goji Berries

dried goji berriesAll the Superfoods that we were discussing above are not especially tasty, they are not disgusting, but they just aren’t so tasty. However, now we have came upon Goji berries, which can be without doubts described as the tastiest of the top ten foods. Goji berries are not just known for their taste, but also for their healing strength. This berries nutrients include antioxidants and amino acids, but that’s not all they contain, they contain also more than 20 different vitamins and minerals. These berries were used for centuries in Asian cultures, they used them to strengthen eyesight, fight against viruses, balance hormones, and even to assist with the longevity of life. When it comes to consumption, people usually sweeten things up with 1/2 cup of these berries, they put them in smoothies, but you can try them in many different meals of drinks.



Spirulina is a blue-green algae that can be consumed by humans and other animals. It’s cultivated worldwide and used as a dietary supplement as well as a whole food. You can buy spirulina in a tablet, flake and powder form. When it comes to nutrition, this algae is full of all the nutrients that you need. Provided in its typical supplement form as a dried powder you will get your daily amount of nutrients: particularly B vitamins (thiamin and riboflavin) and dietary minerals, such as iron and manganese, but it contains also a lot of healthy acids as: gamma-linolenic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, stearidonic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid, and arachidonic acid.

Now let’s talk about the taste, it’s not superb if we try to eat the powder form, but when you try the tablets and drink them with a tasty drink it’s really not a problem. However, we don’t recommend spirulina because of its taste, the two top ingredients that it contains are protein and omega fatty acids which are essential for a healthy body. We highly recommended it to anyone who has changed their diet to a vegetarian or vegan one. When it comes to the question ”How much should we eat it?”, you should eat anywhere from one to two teaspoons of spirulina, usually people try it in a tablet form and end up putting it in their daily smoothie.


Cacao Nibs

Now we have came across a food that everyone loves, Cacao. Cacao nibs are simply chocolate in its purest form, before anything else is added. (A “nib” is the edge or point of something.) They are dried and fermented bits of cacao beans. The texture of our raw organic cacao nibs is similar to that of roasted coffee beans. They have a deep chocolate flavor which can be described as slightly bitter and nutty. We love it because of its taste, but people usually don’t know that it is also filled with antioxidants. They are very important, by consuming antioxidants you boost your immune system, which helps you to resist colds and sickness in general. The rich, chocolate flavor is delicious, it’s a great suplement, because it’s a dessert-like which helps to control our sugar cravings. When it comes to consumption, again, don’t go crazy and start eating tons of milk chocolate, you should blend two to four tablespoons and mix it in a drink. Usually people add the cocoa powder to their daily smoothie and enjoy the chocolate flavor. Some also sprinkle some cacao nibs on the top of their drinks.



avocadoUntil now we mention only foods that are not so commercially known, but the next one is avocado. We always have avocados on our counter, they are everywhere. There are many recipes with avocados, so you can make them a big part of your diet. We can just toss them in a smoothie or make guacamole, which is a great dip, and if you really like them just eat them by themselves. When it comes to nutrition facts, avocados contain vitamins (B, K, C and E) and many minerals. One of the great things that you can do with them is add them to your smoothie to make for the extra creamy taste.


Hemp Protein

hemp protein superfoodThis is the protein content of hemp seeds, made up of 35% albumin and 65% edestin, both being globulin types of protein. When we talk about protein, the number one problem is to get the right amount of protein. Which can be difficult at times, so hemp offers us a great way to receive the proper amounts of protein and fiber in a healthy way. By consuming hemp protein we can easily boost our protein amount by 50% and much higher. The same goes for our level of fiber. The hemp content is also kid friendly they can consume it without problems, as it encourages childhood growth, it’s full with amino acids which are important for child development. Also athletes use this Superfood because of their ability to repair muscles. When it comes to consumption, you can just add one to four tablespoons of hemp protein to your meals or drinks. You can also, buy hemp hearts, which you can sprinkle on the top of smoothies or add them to your salads. If you want to enjoy a nutty, protein packed punch.


Camu Powder

Camu is the best source of the vitamin C. Camu berries come from the Peruvian river regions, they are packed with more vitamin C than any orange you’ll ever eat. They are especially great for people who don’t like to eat many oranges and lemons, when I say many I mean really a lot of them. Vitamin C is very important for our immune systems. We need protection against viruses and vitamin C helps us fight off those nasty colds, and may even help to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. When it comes to taste, Camu powder’s taste is great with all kinds of fruits, just add one teaspoon to your favorite smoothie. So you can achieve that perfect combination of tart and sweet.


Acai Berries

acaiThis Superfood is not as known as all the others that we mention above. These Brazilian berries – Acai are a smooth Superfood that is popular for keeping you fiery and full. A portion of them include dietary fiber, low sugar value the powder was also shown to contain vitamin C, calcium, iron, vitamin A, as well as aspartic acid and glutamic acid, amino acid and protein. The fat content of Acai consists of oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid and beta-sitosterol. Just overwhelming, so now we are going to say something about the most important ingredients. The antioxidants that you will get are going to boost your body’s energy levels and increase your ability to focus. The protein and fiber that you will get with Acai is going to keep you feeling full. Which makes the Acai berry a great weight loss supplement. When it comes to consumption, they offer a wide range of possibilities. Their creamy consistency and almost chocolatey flavor works well with both sweet and savory flavors. So, just add one tablespoon to your favorite smoothie.


General overview of the top 10 Superfoods

If you decide to start adding Superfoods into your green smoothies, then these article presented you with 10 great options. The most important is to know what you need to add to your diet. It’s important to find Superfoods that you like and which can improve the flavor and consistency of your smoothies. Just as important is to incorporate the Superfoods that give you the nutrients that your body needs.


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The 10 Superfoods You Should Start Eating
Article Name
The 10 Superfoods You Should Start Eating
To summarize it all, Superfoods are great for your body because of all the nutrients that you can get by consuming them. They are all natural, filled with many nutrients that our bodies need and are non-GMO. We want to help you transition to Superfood, so we made a list of the top 10 Superfoods that people recommend because of their taste and nutritional levels.

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