6 Minutes To Skinny Review-Is it a Scam? How can this be true?

Does the 6 Minutes To Skinny diet really work? Is this program for Real or Not? How does this program work? If you’re interested in Craig Ballantyne’s weight loss program read Angela Fries eBook Review and get all the information you need before you buy it.

Product Name: 6 Minutes to Skinny

Author Name: Craig Ballantyne

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There are many people who think the only way to lose fat is by jogging, doing hard exercise workouts and denying yourself delicious foods. However, there are few other people who lose weight without any of these restrictions. This is because they have tried a lot of different diets and know that extreme hard gym workouts, morning walk or super restrictive diets will never provide permanent results. However, there is a solution, a 6 minutes morning trick that will help men and women lose weight without much hard work. 6 Minutes to SkinnyCraig Ballantyne is the author of the this weight loss program. He says, that this program promotes a routine that will help busy individuals meet their weight loss goals in a short period of time. The program is designed to give busy people an opportunity to maximize their bodies fat burning potential.

This program has a unique weight loss system that takes advantage of the body’s natural cycles to give you fast, safe, natural weight loss. All you have to do to start this fat burning process is a series of simple and fast movements (exercises) and prepare a metabolic cycle meal and all of this will take you just six minutes. This process should dramatically increase your fat burning, some people who had tried this program have had a 450% increase in fat burning. They also claim that some had lost up to 10 pounds in the first 10 .


Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig BallantyneBefore we buy a product, it is important to know what we’re buying, but also it’s just as important to get a sense of the author. As you know there are many weight loss programs that are created by authors that never exist. However, this is not one of them. This diet system was created by Craig Ballantyne who is a highly recognized strength and conditioning trainer and a writer of Men’s Health Magazine. He is also a member of Training Advisory Board for Maximum Fitness that proves that he is highly reputable.
Craig also has a master degree in Exercise Psychology from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada and wrote different articles about fat burning/muscle building for Oxygen Magazine


How Does 6 Minutes to Skinny Diet Program Work?

According to Craig and 6 Minutes to Skinny, when you follow the meal plan and do the right exercises that takes just six minutes, what happens is it leads to biochemical and hormonal changes in your body. These changes are all natural changes that will help you burn fat faster and get a lean body. When you start this program and finish your first metabolic cycle correctly, your body will start burning fat faster. This increase isn’t a small increase it varies from person to person, some had an increase in fat burning for 200%, but generally above 100%.

They call “metabolic cycling” synchronizing your food and movement with your body’s natural cycle so that you get better results from much less effort. Craig explains that metabolic cycling consists of a series of unusual yet extremely effective meals and exercise strategies. That is the key to tap into your body’s natural fat burning cycles, starting this natural process will help you to fast and permanent weight loss.

The author is confident that this diet will work for everyone, even if you have terrible genetics, a terrible metabolism, a thyroid condition, and if you tried everything and nothing’s got you the results that you wanted.

shake smoothie 6 Minutes to SkinnyThe program is based on a simple six minute morning routine that sets your body up to burn fat all day long. We can all agree that 6 minutes is not a lot of time, so everyone can follow through this diet. Every day your body goes through various metabolic cycles and the first cycle starts when you wake up. That’s the most important cycle for people who want to lose weight. That’s when you do the 6 Minutes to Skinny routine – first thing in the morning. This routine boosts specific enzymes in your body that tell your body to start burning fat for fuel.


What do you get with this Program?

Main Manual

Is a ten page PDF guide that explains in depth what this system is about. It outlines the principles of the program, why it works and how, with scientific references. You will learn everything about Metabolic Cycles and who they help increase fat burning.

Four Minute Movement Video

As part of the program, Craig includes handy follow-along videos. These part is especially good when it comes to exercise demonstrations as trying to read and implement step-by-step instructions with an exercise you’re unfamiliar with can be challenging at times. This video will show you which exercises you have to perform every morning for 5 days a week.

Two Minute Delicious Shake Recipe

Craig gives you a good selection of foods and recipes to choose from with more than 35 different 2-minute breakfast shake options and 150+ tasty quick and healthy recipes – more than enough to keep you full and satisfied. All recipes are natural and simple to make with no hard-to-find ingredients.

Quick Start Guide

This is a startup step by step follow blueprint to save time to go through all the material that helps you get started efficiently and correctly.

Nutrition Guide

Further useful nutritional information for life.


The Pros And Cons Of 6 Minutes To Skinny diet program

Now we are going to go through the Pros and Cons of this program, to give you a quick overview of all that this new diet has to offer. We are going to list all the points of the 6 minutes to skinny review and give you all the information that you need.


  • The weight loss system was created by a highly recognized fitness author Craig Ballantyne, who has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. In this period of time, he has helped thousands of individuals meet their goals of becoming healthier.
  • When you try this diet, you don’t need any equipment . This is one of the big pluses with this program, you don’t have to buy any extra supplements or a home gym equipment. This will help save time and money, and that is what this program is all about…
  • This system was designed for people who are busy and don’t have the time to do extensive exercise, but this diet can be done by anyone who wants to get fit, and feel better. As long as you can find six minutes somewhere in the day, this product can work for you.
  • This diet is an easy to follow program, it gives you what you need to know and what to do. Craig Ballantyne shows you the only information you need to succeed with this program, and it is not packed with facts and useless information to look more “valuable”.
  • This diet is backed up by medical journals, research, and clinical findings. There are studies that confirm what the diet promises and many people achieved great results with this diet.
  • Another great thing about this program is that there are no big commitments required. You will learn how to speed up your metabolism and make the videos work for you at your own pace.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. If you feel that the diet doesn’t work for you, then you can request a full refund within a period of two months after purchase. However, there have been very few people who have requested for a refund since the program has been very successful.



  • The only disadvantage of this diet is that it requires some discipline and dedication. Although you only need 6 minutes a day to follow the program, you have to follow this program every day. You can’t expect the extreme weight loss in a short period of, be prepared to work if you want to achieve great results.



We have come to the end of the 6 Minutes To Skinny review. Overall, this is one of the most impressive and complete weight loss programs. I would like to say this program provides a unique and innovative approach towards weight loss. This program is for all those men and women who don’t have long hours for exercise.

The program contains the main system guide and three bonuses. The bonuses are a set of videos showing how to perform morning movements, guide how to boost your metabolism with 37 fat burning shake recipes that you can prepare in about two minutes and the third bonus is the 7 Day Fats Start Guide that will give you the blueprint of how to start and follow the 6 minutes to skinny program.

Since you can try this program for a full two months, we don’t see any reason not to “test” the 6 Minutes To Skinny. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply contact Craig Ballantyne and ask for a full refund.


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This program is based on a simple six minute morning routine that sets your body up to burn fat all day long. We can all agree that 6 minutes is not a lot of time, so everyone can follow through this diet. Every day your body goes through various metabolic cycles and the first cycle starts when you wake up. That’s when you do the 6 Minutes to Skinny routine.