Athletic Greens Healthy Energy Drink – Is this a Scam or For Real?

Does The Athletic Green really give you more energy? Read Angela Fries eBook Review and get all the information you need before you purchase this natural energy drink. Is this drink for Real or Not? Have people tried this drink and were they satisfied? Are experts recommending it? Are just some of the questions that came to my mind when reading about this drink that promises us extra energy. Go through my review and get all information about the drink and answers to the questions above.

Product Name : The Athletic Green

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This superfood cocktail is designed to help an average person get an “extra” energy boost and many healthy ingredients. But now let’s go through different information and find out the truth, is this product legit? There are a lot of Athletic Greens reviews out there, but they don’t get to the point. If you start reading them you see that the people writing them don’t know anything about nutrition. Just like any other natural product that is out there on the market, it is important to know how you can improve your health with this product. Adding Athletic Green superfood cocktail to your daily routine is all about getting extra energy the natural way. To get the most from this product, you really need to drink the cocktail in the morning on an empty stomach.

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General Overview of The Athletic Greens

athletic-greens-drinkThis product is a superfood, whole food product ,that is made all natural according to a mega nutrient formula. The author claims that his cocktail helps cover all the daily nutritional needs of our bodies. Active people need the right amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and co-factors. Because of this, a simple drink would be a great solution for our daily intake of all the nutrition we need. By drinking it, you should experience profound changes in health, energy, performance and a boost in immunity.
The ingredients of this drink are one of the best on the market, each of the 12 gram serving contains more than 70 different ingredients that were carefully formulated by experts and nutritionists.

According to the statements of the company, Athletic Greens is made without anything artificial or GMO ingredients, peanuts, yeast, allergens, lactose, sucrose, and dextrose. If you want to experience all the benefits of this drink, the company recommends drinking a full serving of Athletic Greens once every morning before anything else.

This product is for everyone, whether you’re active or not. Everyone wants to be healthy, which can be difficult given all the demands of busy lifestyle. But this product can help you obtain all the vitamins and nutrients that you need to improve your health.


Ingredients of this natural cocktail

This green cocktail has far too many ingredients to list them all, if you have any concerns, contact the authors, or check the company’s website where all the ingredients are listed. Now I’m going to review the most important active ingredients of the cocktail. This delicious green drink is full of antioxidants, minerals, and other greens. But there are many other important ingredients, such as the goji berry, several plant extracts – grape seed extract, ginseng, and co enzyme Q10. All the competitors out there have similar formulas, however this one comes out on the top because it has at least 4 times more minerals and greens than the competition. We should also mention that this product is made of 100% all natural ingredients that are completely GMO free. All ingredients are sourced from non-allergens as well, so you don’t have no fear of allergic reaction.


Taste of the natural cocktails

Athletic Greens tastes like a veggie-fruit smoothie than anything else. And if you are someone who tasted green drinks before you should appreciate the taste of this one. Usually greens drinks taste absolutely brutal. I’ve heard people compare them to the most disgusting things. I guess there’s a reason why this product is so popular.

If you start researching this product and contact the people who tried it you will see that the most of them think that this is by far the best tasting greens drink they have ever had. But I’m not going to say that this product tastes wonderful because no greens drink does. However, for a superfruit cocktail it’s delicious.


Who endorsed this product

It’s a good idea to be always skeptical when you considebuing a product. So it is very useful if the product is endorsed by someone who is known and has a good reputation. People who have endorsed this product include Tim Ferriss, author of books such as The 4-Hour Body, who calls it “my favorite greens supplement” and Isabel De Los Rios, author of Beyond Diet. Many women using the Naked Beauty Symulast method also swear by this supplement. This authors are some of the most known people in the fitness industry, who have a reputation and don’t just endorse evry product they came across.

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Features of this green drink

  • This green drink is easy and quick to prepare
  • The powder form of this superfood makes it easy to be absorbed into the bloodstream. If you try to consume the same amount of nutrients in a pill or capsule form, it’ll take time to digest, and a little of the nutrient is lost in the process.
  • Another great feature of this product is that is an all-in-one superfood that has all the essential minerals, vegetables fruits, and vitamins that our bodies require on a daily basis. The only additional supplement that you should start taking is Omega oils. However, you can get this oils just by consuming fish oil, but you can take Krill oil as well.
  • Athletic Greens ingredient list is NASAA certified as organic. They don’t use any herbicides, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors of any sort when they produce this Green Drink.
  • This superfood is highly alkaline, it has up to 8 grams of green veggies, berries, and fruits that aids in neutralization of stomach acids. This means that this green product is a good option for individuals with gout.


What are the Health Benefits of Athletic Green Cocktail


You’ll feel the difference when you try this whole food sourced formula, in its natural form, with all the co-factors and enzymes still intact.This natural energy drink can increase your energy level by 100% and it is designed all natural. It comes in a powder form, so that it can be absorbed immediately and you get the most from this super food .


This energy cocktail helps you improve your Gut Health and Digestion. It is full of digestive enzymes, pre, and probiotics that all work together to improve your body’s absorption of nutrients. Ensure great health through an optimum daily absorption of nutrients and it’s based on more than 70 different whole food ingredients.


By drinking this cocktails, you alkalize your body. If you start taking a portion of just 8 grams of nutrient dense raw green superfoods per it should boost your total body health. You will provide your body with crucial vitamins, minerals, enzymes and co-factors that you need to thrive.


One of the main purpose of this product is to support your immune system
In just one serving you get a load of potent plants, fruits, herbs and mushrooms that detoxify and protect your body. One serving provides you with the antioxidant equivalent of 10 – 12 servings of fruit and vegetables. All of these ingredients help ensure gut health, protect immunity and strengthen your body’s natural defense mechanism.

Diet Friendly

Is this green cocktail diet friendly?
It is perfectly suited for anyone, male or female, for any type of special diet (Auto-immune, Vegan, Paleo, etc) or looking to lose a few extra pounds Focus on Happiness – and Happiness Starts With Phenomenal Health

Save Time and Money

Each serving contains 12 grams of super food that is packed with RAW greens


Few Drawbacks

There are a few drawbacks, if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your doctor before you start taking any supplement or making a change in your diet.

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The Athletic Green is highly recommended for all women and men who are looking for a product that will help them improve their health, increase her energy, improve immune system and is not disgusting. The green powder can be purchased instantly from authors website. It is incredibly simple to start and the instructions are easy to follow.

Overall, this is a great product. It’s full of antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other quality ingredients. From a health benefit perspective, it is one of the best health green drinks on the market. However, it tastes better than other green products, according to many people who experimented and tried different green drinks. Taste is important, if you have to suffer every morning by drinking a nasty drink, there are chances that you won’t be consistent.

Since you can try this green product for a full two months, we don’t see any reason not to “test” it. If you are for any reason not satisfied, simply contact the author and ask for a full refund.



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Athletic Greens
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Athletic Greens
This superfood cocktail is designed to help an average person get an “extra” energy boost and many healthy ingredients. It's for everyone, whether you’re active or not. Everyone wants to be healthy, which can be difficult given all the demands of busy lifestyle. But this product can help you obtain all the vitamins and nutrients that you need to improve your health.