Customized Fat Loss For Men Review – Is it a Scam or For Real

Does this fat loss system for men really work? Is this program for Real or Not? How does this program work? What makes this program so special for men? If you’re interested in Kyle Leon’s weight loss program, read Angela Fries eBook Review and get all the information you need before you buy it.

Product Name: Customized Fat Loss For Men

Author Name: Kyle Leon

Official Website: CLICK HERE

How can it be true? It is not a secret that everything is interconnected in the human body. Therefore, the task of losing weight for the long run should be done comprehensively. As you spend hours at the gym and push yourself to achieve great results, you still find yourself wondering why you’re having trouble losing weight, then this diet program might just present the solution for your problems. Read our Customized Fat Loss For Men review and get all the information that you need before buying this weight loss program.

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This weight loss program for men is created by Kyle Leon. He created it specially for the needs of men’s bodies, so they can achieve the body they desire. Kyle personally uses his weight loss secrets to boost his metabolism. By doing this he speeds up his body’s fat burning process.

This program offers you a quality nutrition plan that should give you a great insight into what you should be eating to boost your metabolism. You’ll also learn which foods you should be avoiding because they affect your body’s ability to burn fat. You’ll get a whole meal plan and won’t be left guessing which foods to eat and which to avoid. If you start this diet program you should now that it has nothing to do with diet pills, lotions, powders, exercise equipment, or any other diet fad.

You simply need to follow this weight loss system for 12 weeks, but the great thing is that you may also eat foods you like. If they match with the program’s nutritional guidelines that have just a small number of foods listed as very bad for weight loss.


Who is the author – Kyle Leon

kyle leonKyle Leon is the author of this fat loss system. He is an expert nutritionist, personal trainer and fitness model, who made famous contributions to Fitness Rx, Inside Fitness Magazine, and Muscle Insider. His program has helped thousands of men and women with their weight problems, who were willing to put some effort in the program . He has given the most precious part of his life to the fitness industry, but in the end, he has got so much respect and love from the people which lives he changed.



What do we get in the Customized Fat Loss Package

When you purchase this Customized Fat Loss program, you’ll get to a landing page where you will have all the resources at your disposal, which include:


Quick Start Guide

This short guide is going to help you start the diet program, it teaches you how to use the software to create the perfect diet and workout program for your body.

Customized Fat Loss Guide

In this part of the program, the author discusses different body types. He explains why this is a very important, and how can we use this knowledge in our diet plan. You’ll learn how to figure out which body type you are.

Somatotyping Guide

This eBook takes a closer look at all six body types, it offers extra information that should definitely help people figure out which body type they are.

How to Lose Your First 10 Pounds Guide

The purpose of this book is to prepare you for the diet program. It’s a diet guide meant to be followed for a few days, this should be enough to help you adjust to the strict diet and exercise rules of the weight loss system.

Customized Fat Loss Training Guide

You get a separate file for both men and women, with that should help you create the ideal exercise program according to your body type, weight, age, etc.

Customized Fat Loss Supplementation Guide

In this eBook the author gives us all the information about supplements. Kyle Leon recommends that all those who are going through the program read this part carefully through.

Customized Fat Loss Stack

This is just a promotional gift, this fat burners are sold on the site where you can purchase them.

Peak in a Week

This guide is going to help you get from fit to fabulously fit in a week. You get very useful tips on how to buff up.

Secrets to Eating Out Guide

This book gives you easy to follow instructions and a lot of tips on how you can eat out without packing back on the pounds you’ve lost.

11 Foods to Never Eat Guide

Seems pretty self explanatory. You get a list of foods that should be avoided, it includes lunch meats, cooking sprays, canned soups, and salad dressings.

Exercise Demonstration Videos

If you haven’t a lot experience with fitness exercise, you are a newbie who is hitting the gym for the first time, then these videos give you a look at exactly how to do each correctly of the exercises listed in the Customized Fat Loss workout program. You’ll have almost the same experience as if you hire a professional fitness coach.

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The Pros And Cons Of The Customized Fat Loss For Men Diet

Now we are going to go through the Pros and Cons of this program, to give you a quick overview of all that this new diet has to offer. We are going to list all the points of the Customized Fat Loss For Men Diet review and give you all the information that you need.



  • This diet is designed so that it will work for everyone. If you’re just a regular person that has not a lot experience with fitness, this product will help you cope with different body types, which can work wonders for you.
  • You’ll get a larger classification set of body types, usually other programs compare just 3 (ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph) types, this extra information will allow for more precise meal plans.
  • We should also mention all the bonuses that you get with this product, the freebies that come with it are valuable products that can stand alone themselves.
  • If you buy this diet, you will get the “Peak in a Week” guide for free. It’s a great product in its own, which shows you a quick way to have a great body for emergency situations (i.e. fitting into your bathing suit for the weekend, upcoming photo shoot).
  • You’ll also get quick fixes (i.e. dehydration techniques) that are used by professional athletes and models. However, you should not use this methods too often, they are not meant to be a regular practice.



  • If you have a serious medical condition, you should first contact the author if this is the right plan for you. The program might not be flexible enough for all your needs.
  • For a guy who is a body builder, Kyle surprisingly neglected to include exercises and workouts in the program (although one of the bonuses deals with that).



The Customized Fat Loss for Men program is highly recommended for all men who are looking to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. The program can be purchased and downloaded instantly from this website. It is incredibly simple to start this life changing program.

By committing to this weight loss program, you will have a great investment in your future. The program lasts 12 weeks, at which time you should see great results. Kyle emphasizes the importance of dedication if you want long lasting results. Rather the benefits of better health and less fat for a happier lifestyle, though he does not promise immediate results or focus on appearance. However, he guarantees great results through a timed program with a significant amount of effort. It is a great choice for people who recognize they have a problem with their weight and know that they have to alter their routines to discover happiness and health.

After all, if for any reason you won’t find this fat loss program useful, you can simply contact Kyle Leon within 60 days of your purchase and ask him for a refund.



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Customized Fat Loss for Men
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Customized Fat Loss for Men
This program offers you a quality nutrition plan that should give you a great insight into what you should be eating to boost your metabolism. You'll also learn which foods you should be avoiding because they affect your body’s ability to burn fat.