Hormones That Help You Lose Weight

5 Oct

Have you ever heard that someone is overweight because of their hormones and then laughed and thought that this can be true. However, being overweight often has nothing to do with calories or exercise. There are people who experience this hormonic imbalance that make weight gain and especially controlling their weight very difficult. There are huge numbers of people that experience problems with misfiring hormones. The research on hormonic imbalance is still catching up, which has yet to be comprehensively studied. However, seeing how this revelation has helped people get slim and feel better gives you confidence that it’s true. Most women who are trying to lose weight and don’t achieve great results don’t even know how to check if there off-balance hormones are causing weight gain. You have to find out why you have weight problems.


What do we have to know about Hormone Imbalance

belly weight lossOne of the biggest diet questions that people always ask is: “I’m trying to eat right and exercise every day, but I still can’t lose weight, I put so much effort in and got no results.”. These questions are usually followed by a mention of menopause or any other health issue that you think is the reason for your problem. They are surprised that their old diet and exercise plan stopped working for them, the same diet and fitness plan that had been working for years is suddenly not working anymore. People might not realize that fluctuating hormones could be the main reason for your weight gain. By balancing your hormones you can help yourself to lose weight easier, also in menopause or at any age in the end. If this is a new idea for you, you’re not alone, there are many women’s hormone issues that don’t get discussed much in mainstream media and people have to know how these imbalances work. The truth is that our hormones impact everything in our bodies: mood, appearance, weight and many other things. So, now let’s learn how hormonal imbalances can hold you back from achieving their dream weight loss results and how to balance hormones to be healthier.

Here are some suggestions from experts that deal with weight gain and hormone illnesses, they have some suggestions for you how to bring your hormones back in balance.

There are four main hormones that are the cause for almost all hormone imbalance problems: ESTROGEN, INSULIN, CORTISOL and LEPTIN.


What can you do for your hormone imbalance to lose weight

You cannot lose weight and keep it off forever if your hormones are unbalanced. If you’re experiencing ravenous hunger, energy swings, and insatiable cravings on a weight loss program, then the chances that you are not going to be staying on that diet for long are very high. Here are three steps that experts recommend to start balancing your hormones:

1) You should start by recording your hunger, energy, and cravings throughout the day on a scale from 1 to 10, this information is going to be crucial, if you want to change anything. Just one assessment per day is enough, so long as you pay specific attention to the specific times of the day when hunger and/or cravings were high and energy was low. You might be someone who eats the whole afternoon or someone that eats all night long person. You have to document all those times down.

2) If your hormones are not balanced, you can expect higher hunger, cravings a and also a lower energy. Now the first thing to do is to increase your daily protein intake, this is very important, increase it by 20 to 30 grams. This is equivalent to a medium sized chicken breast or a scoop of protein powder in a smoothie, everybody can make this change. By eating this extra protein you will stabilize your blood sugar, reduce hunger, and keep you fuller for longer. Don’t forget about fiber that also helps with this, so increase your veggie intake.

3) When your hormones are balanced, you can start thinking about weight loss. Now you have to start addressing your carbohydrate intake, pay attention how much of them you eat. You will see if you need more or less carbohydrate intake. But you have to make sure that your protein and veggies levels are high.



Estrogen is the female sex hormone and both men and women have it. The role of estrogen is very important, it is responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics: breasts and hips. An estrogen imbalance so called estrogen dominance can cause many unpleasant side effects like: a slower metabolism and extreme fat storing. Women have more estrogen than men, this is the main reason that they often have a harder time when it comes to weight loss.

For those women who are experiencing menopause, it can be confusing, they often think that they have estrogen dominance when in fact their estrogen levels are plummeting. When we discuss these issues we have to consider two things. First point – while estrogen levels are lower after menopause, if your progesterone levels are super low, you can still have estrogen dominance. Second point – National Institute of Health Sciences has exposed that environmental estrogen’s (estrogen-like chemicals) can cause excess estrogen. Some of these estrogen’s are things we ingest daily. Some of them are pesticides, hormones in animal products, and plastics known as endocrine disruptors.


Balancing Estrogen Levels and Losing Weight

salad hormone balanceHealth experts recommend that people with low estrogen levels eat a pound of veggies per day, the fiber will help remove the extra estrogen from your body that causes weight gain. Some of the medical recommendations are that women seeking to lower their estrogen levels naturally eat from 35 to 45 grams of fiber per day. We have to increase the amount slowly so as not to cause stomach upset. We can naturally balance estrogen levels by:

  • We have to immediately reduce red meat intake
  • It is very important to cut back on alcohol
  • But the most important change is eliminating processed foods



Insulin is a hormone that our bodies are creating in our pancreas. It helps regulate glucose, blood sugar in your body. If you’re someone who is overweight or is your body storing too much visceral fat around your organs, your body’s glucose regulator insulin gets imbalanced and you have a harder time losing weight and also keeping your weight. If you are a type of person that tends to eat sugary foods throughout the day, your insulin will be working overtime, it will try to clear all the sugar from your blood. Are you interested what does the insulin with the extra sugar? Our bodies store it as fat.


Balancing Insulin Levels and Losing Weight

Doctors and health experts recommend that people start their day by drinking a glass of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, this helps your body regulate blood sugar. This method sounds for many people to nasty, if you don’t want to try the apple cider vinegar sounds, try at least to east into it or just drink 16 oz of water every morning before you start eating or drinking anything else. By drinking the extra water or vinegar you are going to start a natural body flush. However, there are many different things that you can do to balance your insulin level, some of them include:

  • Boosting your protein levels if you don’t get enough protein with every meal
  • Many people start eating smaller portions and eat more often
  • Consuming low glycemic carbs will also lower your insulin, this carbs include: fruits, beans, non-starchy veggies…
  • One important change that you can make is eliminating added sugars



exercise hormone balanceThis hormone is responsible for experiencing stress. Cortisol is a stress hormone and it regulates your body’s response to stressful situations through the day. Balancing this hormone is very important and many have problems balancing it because of their daily routines. They have busy lifestyles and are constant bombarded with tasks and problems that need a solution, which is the main reason for constant stress, this is the reason that many of us have a surplus of cortisol in our bodies. Leading cardiovascular researchers at the University Medical Center in the Netherlands, have found out that excess amounts of cortisol puts you at increased risk of heart disease. They also found out that it can cause that your body starts storing visceral fat around your internal organs, which many experience as excess belly fat.


Balancing Cortisol Levels and Losing Weight

The most important thing that you can do to balance your cortisol levels is lower your stress. Try to reset your body’s response to stress, deal with the stressful situations in a healthier way. If you research this topic, you will find that experts recommend slowly weaning yourself off excessive caffeine, try also to switch from coffee to tea if you can. You can also do other things to lower your cortisol levels. For many people who had problems with cortisol levels started practicing mindfulness and achieved great results. You may think that this idea is vague, but it’s really straightforward, you have to: slow down, breathe properly, and start paying attention to what you’re doing. Usually we raise our cortisol levels by getting distracted and rushing from thing to thing. This type of task switching can extremely raise our stress levels. You should try to do one task at a time, in most cases is then also the work done properly. One other thing hat you can change is pay attention to the pleasurable experience of eating, don’t just throw food into your mouth and swallow it, you have to taste it, enjoy the colors of the food, just have a great experience, instead of shoveling it into your mouth while trying to do three other things. Many studies have shown that mindful eating can help you lose weight. When you are paying attention to how much you’re eating and what you are eating, it will make you feel calmer and lowering your cortisol levels which cause weight loss. However, we know that many people won’t be able to follow these tips, so we are going to introduce you to some other ways to lower your cortisol levels naturally, they include:

  • Start meditating, this will help you immediately
  • Some people achieve great results by taking a magnesium supplement or B vitamin
  • Try to sleep longer, if you don’t get enough sleep your stress levels rise




tape easy dietHormone leptin is the product of our fat cells. The main function of this hormone is to tell a part of our brain the hypothalamus that we’re satiated or full. You can be suffering from imbalanced leptin levels if your diet includes sugar called fructose. I am sad to tell you that this might also be the case with your diet because modern diets are usually saturated with this type of sugar. We can find this sugar in many processed foods. When there are too much of this fructose floods your body, your body’s natural reaction is to store it as fat. When this happens and you have too much leptin you can become leptin resistant, this means that your body no longer can tell if you’re full or not, this is when you keep eating and gaining weight.


Balancing Leptin Levels and Losing Weight

There is a simple trick how we can balance your leptin levels, we have to get enough sleep. If you are someone who doesn’t get enough sleep, your leptin levels are low. This means that you don’t feel as satisfied as other people after eating the same meals. The University of Harvard conducted different studies that have shown that sleep deprivation lowers leptin levels. They also found out that low levels of laptin increase your body’s desire for fatty or carbohydrate-rich foods. If you think that a leptin imbalance is to blame for your weight gain, you should make sleep a priority. We should all be prioritizing sleep because it is a myriad of health benefits. There are many other ways to balance your leptin levels, they include:

  • You can start taking an Omega 3 supplement, there is also the option to eat more Omega 3 rich foods, some of them are: fish, grass-fed meats, and chia seeds
  • Try to decrease your fructose intake, start by eating little to no added sugar to your drinks and food
  • One simple change that you can do is start exercising regularly


If you’re struggling with different weight loss programs and can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong. Then you should check your hormones, they may be to blame. You can ask your doctor to test your hormone levels or you can use the above info to try different techniques to balance your hormone levels.

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Hormones That Help You Lose Weight
Article Name
Hormones That Help You Lose Weight
Have you ever heard that someone is overweight because of their hormones and then laughed and thought that this can be true. However, being overweight often has nothing to do with calories or exercise. There are people who experience this hormonic imbalance that make weight gain and especially controlling their weight very difficult.

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