Can I Lose Weight Eating Bananas

3 Mar

I am someone who loves eating bananas every day, and when a friend told me that people are following something that’s called a Banana Diet, I was just freaked out. A diet based on my favorite food, so let’s try it.

Rule number one A LOT OF BANANAS

Get ready to eat bananas every day! However, that’s not all you’ll eat on this plan, there are a lot of delicious foods.

banana-tropical-fruit-yellow-healthyThe Banana Diet, was developed by a couple from Japan: Sumiko Watanabe is a pharmacist and preventive medicine expert and her husband, Hamachi, has studied traditional Chinese medicine and in a consultant at the Japan Body Care Academy.
The program is all about eating a lot of veggies and especially fruits. It encourages you to eat fruit in every meal. Becoming aware of your hunger and fullness levels, is very important if you want to lose your excess weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. He also goes into the details about the times when you eat your meat, the main point that he emphasizes is that you have to eat dinner by 8 p.m. There isn’t a strict meal plans or calorie counts that are so tiresome. For lunch and dinner, you’ll eat what you always have, but stop when you’re 80% full, and you’ll skip dessert after dinner. We think that this is very reasonable, especially if you are overweight and are eating way too much right now.

The plan also recommends you go to bed by midnight and stresses the importance of a good night’s sleep, as well as keeping a diet journal. So you can track your success and make small steps to get to great results.

One simple fact of this diet is that you could lose weight simply because you’re eating fewer calories. Simple trick. Besides testimonials, there is no proof that this diet works, but there are a lot of testimonials and also if you just think about it everything makes sense.

Now, What Can You Eat and What You Can’t

There are many different versions, but we are going to discuss the main versions of the diet, but the overall themes are similar and people can try them all if they don’t achieve great results with the main program.

1. Let’s start with breakfast, you will eat bananas and drink room-temperature water, simple and easy. The bananas must be raw, never cooked or frozen, keep it natural. You may substitute other fruit, but only one type per meal don’t go crazy and start eating 10 different fruits for breakfast. If you are still hungry, there is a simple trick to get over it, just wait 15 to 30 minutes and you can eat something else. It sounds stupid, but around 90% of people won’t eat after 20min, because their bodies don’t need the extra food.

2. Next it’s lunch and dinner, you are going to eat normally for lunch and dinner. The program says you can eat whatever you want, but it recommends Japanese food, especially rice for lunch. These foods are great for weight loss and especially for maintaining your weight, they are full of nutrients and low on fat.

The next thing is that you are allowed only one snack each day in the afternoon. These seems normal, this is also the only time that sweets are allowed. The author also recommends that people should avoid dairy and ice cream, to get the most of the diet. People like to talk about the level of effort of different systems, when it comes to this program it’s clear that’s not a difficult system, just an easy diet program.

This is a great system for beginners, because you won’t have to overhaul what you eat, or cut way back on portions, you will still be able to eat what you like. However, to get the most of it you should cut out dairy and work on tuning in to when you’re starting to get full, this is the right and also the fast way. This is also one of the advantages that this program is that there are no limitations. This plan is very flexible, but does restrict what you eat at breakfast to bananas or another type of fruit, but this is also one of the main reasons that you chose this program.

Some Tips That Increase Results

Here are some tips that are going to increase your results dramatically, just try to follow those that fit your needs.
Cooking and shopping: You can cook or eat out as you usually do, there are no problems.

Packaged foods or meals: No.

Exercise Plan: The plan encourages you to do some walking each day, but “not if it stresses you out.”, or just find a sport that you like.

The plan is flexible enough for vegetarians and people with any dietary restrictions.

Cost: No special foods are required, just find the foods that you like. You may even save money since bananas are inexpensive.However, keep in mind that you have to enjoy your food.

Does It Work?

The Banana Diet will probably work simply because you’ll eat less, these is simple. There is nothing, though, about a banana that specifically promotes weight loss. Just give it some time and you will see great results.

This system is not magical program, it has just some great tips about not eating anything after 8 p.m. However, if you eat late now, this tip will likely cut out some calories and give you a extra push. Stopping eating when you’re 80% full will help, as well to achieve results.

The author discusses a lot how important it is that exercise might stress you out and how you should avoid this. We should get to grips with the fact that working out can help with stress and sleep in addition to burning calories, why exercising is so important.

If you’re not up for huge changes that you find the right program, this diet should appeal to you. It’s simple and easy to follow and, as it’s more of a gradual transition into healthy eating it makes a great starter plan. If you build these skills into your routine, you’ll be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle in no time, you’ll see the weight drop off and you’ll stay lean for the long run.

It will teach you good techniques that you can incorporate into any lifestyle. So make the most of it, make the diet’s strategies stick, you’ll have a better chance at long-term weight loss and improved health and enjoy a new healthy lifestyle.


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