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Everyone wants to be healthier, but people usually don’t have the right information at their disposal to reach their health goals. While there is plenty of information available for people striving to be healthier, very little of that information is backed by reputable sources or proven to be true. The Slim New You plan explains how you can lose weight. The way that is manageable for everyone and you will learn how you can live a great lifestyle and keep the new lean body.

Product Name : Slim New You

Author Name : Kristy Foster

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Quick Introduction of Slim New You Program

This diet program delivers super easy and instant good results if you are just willing to invest some time. It includes several points that will alter your existing situation and make the ideal be realized! The program gives us an Eating Plan, Exercise Guide and Self Care Guide, that will help us achieve our goal of a beautiful lean body that you are going to keep for the long time. The diet gives us also a Tapping Yourself Thin eBook and three audio guides that give the diet something special, because it addresses how we can keep the new body for ever. It addresses how you can acquire good habits that will help you manage your weight with almost no difficulties.

This diet program convinced me that it is a good deal! We are going to go through the Eating Plan, Exercise Guide and Self Care Guide:

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What Makes This Diet So Unique?

Eating Plan

This eating plan is all about balance. It explains which foods should you avoid and which you should include in your daily meals. There are foods that will help us lose weight and have all the nutrition that you need. You will see how many stupid mistakes people make with eating the wrong foods that are really not that tasty and can be easily avoided.
The author is realistic with this diet. It is normal that we are going to have cravings for food and most people will then end the diet. This plan is expecting that to happen, so it includes one cheat day a week where you can eat anything that you want (however the more you go wild the less weight loss you will have that week) and one cheat meal a week.

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Exercise Guide

This guide is great for people who had bad experience with exercise guides or can’t handle more then a brief walk, but also other people. The author suggests that you use the power of tapping to motivate yourself and not to quit. You can start to use this powerful weight loss tool so you have an easy start. The plan is all about always pushing yourself when exercising. However, don’t do something that you hate. Life should not be miserable!
The diet is also full of tips how to include different exercises in your day to day routine so you can lose more calories and weight in the end. This routine will also help you to easy manage your weight. It also shows you how you can exercise the natural way and save money and time, the author is aware that nowadays people are busy and have a little to no time to exercise. It is important to build some easy and small exercises in the daily routines.


You Self Care Guide

In our busy modern lives, there is very little time for self-care. We run around commuting, working, running around after children, family members, etc. By the end of the day we are too tired and just want to fall into bed. However, this gives us very little opportunity to unwind ourselves mentally. The guide emphasizes that everyone needs to create a self-care routine. Not only does it help manage stress, but allows you to focus on yourself. Even if it you can only do it for a couple of minutes a day you will start to notice the benefits.
The author also introduces us to meditation and explains how it can help us with weight loss. Meditation can make you mentally, as well as physically healthy. It influences your mind in a positive manner and when you persevere with practicing meditation, you will be blessed with clarity of thought.
You will learn how to better live with meditation and proper self-care. Taking good care of yourself won’t be a problem anymore. It is very important to have a diet program that has a whole approach, so it addresses the issues on a higher level than joust “how to exercise” and “what to eat”. What this program for sure has.


The Pros And Cons Of This Diet Program

We are going to review Slim New You diet so that we’ll analyze if the diet has a proper meal plan that is realistic to follow (for everyone), an exercise plan that is easy at the beginning of the diet and has an increasing level of difficulty and the diet has to offer a right mindset that we need for a successful diet plan.



  • The New You program is easy to follow through the end. The diet is great for people who had problems with sticking to a diet.
  •  Exercise Guide that is full of fun exercise that will help you with weight loss and toning up, but also for your well being and to help relieve stress. The guide is made so you can start an exercise program easily and simply. At first you will start with small steps and do the advance exercise when you’re ready.
  •  Exact Diet Plan that that can be done along side any diet or eating plan, but this one gave amazing results and is very sustainable. The diet has also one cheat day a week planed and one cheat meal so weight loss feels easy.
  • Self Care Guide that explains why taking care of you and your well being is so important when trying to lose weight. The book is full of ideas and tips on how to start to develop a self care routine simply and easily. It is very important to develop a daily routine, because it will help you follow through the program.
  • The program covers why meditation is an amazing tool to start to help you lose weight and feel more in control of your life.. This is a must if you want to change you Lifestyle.
  • Tapping Yourself Thin explains why conventional diets don’t work and how your mind is critical to losing weight. It covers the devastating effects that stress can have on your weight, factors that can stop you from losing weight. This guide explains why taking care of you and your well being is so important when trying to lose weight. The plan gives you the tools to take better care of yourself.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. If you feel that the diet doesn’t work for you, then you can request a full refund within a period of two months after purchase. However, there have been very few people who have requested for a refund, since the program has been very successful.



  • This is not a quick results diet, you can not expect immediate results because, this program takes a certain time commitment in order to give the ultimate solution for your unwanted weight.
  • It is available only as a digital download. The reason for this is that it would have been too expensive to publish a hardcover because of the many high-resolution pictures. However, rest assured that this program is worth a try.



This program is highly recommended for all women and men who are looking to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. The program can be purchased and downloaded instantly from this website. It is incredibly simple to start this life changing program. The program has everything that a proper weight loss program needs:

  • an accurate meal plan
  • workout guide
  • mindset that helps you to follow the diet

Sure, with this program you can lose your body fat and develop a routine that helps you manage your new weight. You’ll love the easy access system which allows you to get started right away, you’ll quickly notice how well the program works.
Considering all the material included in the Slim New You system, we definitely feel that it’s very reasonably priced, especially when you all the bonus material that you get.
There is also an extra bonus, if you are one of the few that can’t achieve great results with this diet in 60 days you get your money back.


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Slim New You
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Slim New You
This diet method is super easy and delivers instant good results if you are just willing to invest some time.