The Alkaline Diet – Should you try it?

Does The Alkaline Diet really work? Is it a scam? Read Angela Fries eBook Review and get all the information you need before you purchase The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet. Is this program for Real or Not?

This diet was, created by Emma DeAngela and she claims that it’s a holistic approach to attaining good health and weight loss. The eating regimen’s based on the balance between the corrosive and antacid levels in your body. Your body’s pH is naturally slightly alkaline and eating alkaline foods will help maintain that level while eating acidic foods will disrupt the pH level of the body and cause health problems. This diet program comes with a detailed guide on what foods you should eat to keep the body at its optimum pH level. As a result of keeping a healthy balance of acids, Emma claims you will lose excess weight and be a healthier person.

Product Name : The Alkaline Diet Program

Author Name : Emma DeAngela

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How can it be true? It is not a secret that everything is interconnected in the human body. Therefore, the task of losing weight should be done comprehensively. Is joust keeping the balance between corrosive and antacid levels enough to start losing weight? If this is true, how hard is it to balance the corrosive and antacid levels and maintain the right balance? This where the first questions that popped in my mind when reading about this diet program. I did my research and answered them in this review post . Go through the post and get all the information before buying this weight loss program.


The Importance of Alkaline

Our bodies need to keep a healthy balance between and alkaline and acid, we can measure that ratio with the pH level of our body. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, and anything lower than 7 is considered acidic. Processed foods, meat products, sweets, and some beverages and condiments generally produce excessive amounts of acidity in the body.

Acidosis, unusually high acidity level in the body, is the one thing that several different dangerous diseases have in common . Furthermore, numerous doctors and health experts believe that acidosis are responsible for many deadly diseases that people have these days .

But there is a solution for acidosis, alkaline is going to lower your acid level. Alkaline naturally occurs in your body and neutralizes the excess acidity, which is its main role. However, alkaline also becomes depleted at times, especially when there’s too much acid that it needs to get rid of, and we do not consume foods that increase our body’s alkalinity.


Why do we gain weight and how to stop it?

The food habits of our ancestors were completely different from what we are used to these days. Today at every corner you will find a fast food center. The food is full of different toxins and has little to none nutritional value. When you go to grocery shop you get to see so many varieties of processed food items and animal products that aren’t healthy and cause weight gain.main the alkaline diet book

People have also stopped eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, they are consuming a lot of animal products and processed food items. The complete eating habits have changed, thanks to high-protein fat diet that we get from fast foods.
Nowadays It’s no surprise if people are suffering from different type of diseases like bone diseases, allergies, heart problem… These diseases are linked to the kind of the food we eat and the poor nutrition. Prevention of disease and restoration of health can be achieved only by changing our diet habits.


What is The Alkaline Diet Plan?

Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet is not a scam, it is a nutrition and recipe guide that’s aimed to help people regulate their body’s pH level (acidity vs. alkalinity level). Harmonious pH level could yield incredible health benefits. Having a balanced pH level is achieved through comprehensive knowledge about how body acidity. If you’re aware of contributing factors to acidity you’re going to have the knowledge to prepare meals with ingredients that can help you keep a healthy pH level.

The next question is what’s in this program that can help us lose weight, there are several highlight chapters worth noting. The section titled “Causes of Acid Alkaline Imbalance” is a crucial chapter and serves as your first step in determining whether you have a harmonious pH level or not. You’ll be presented with a list of habits that increase your body acidity level and just little changes can lead to great results. When you finish reading this chapter, you are going to understand why the standard American diet, chronic stress, dehydration, and some medication increase your body’s pH level. What do you get with this diet program:

– Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet ebook

– Success Journal printable sheet

– Food Shopping Guide

– Quick Start Guide

– Alkaline Recipes Guide

– Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Guide

– Acid Alkaline Food Charts

the alkaline diet collection

The first thing that we have to do before we start this program is to know what our current pH level is. In a chapter called “What is your pH Level?” you would be taught how to perform a pH test on yourself and how to interpret the pH test . You are going to be capable to test your pH level multiple times and compare all the results.The eBook has listed different scenarios for all of the pH values and their respective implications are fully explained.

The last important section that we are going to mention is called “The Keys to Great Health.” The title sounds generic, but In this section, you will discover the principles behind having an acid alkaline balance in your body. In the first part, you will discover the principles of this diet plan. Later in the chapter, you will see some of the examples of the typical diet and understand how you can change your diet so that you can balance the acid alkaline balance in your body. You will also discover the essential food combinations rules to help you further in eating the right way. At this point, you’ll be provided with two great health practices that you should follow , how to have a proper food combination diet and how to breath properly. This changes can be easily implemented in your daily routine, they seem as insignificant changes, but have a huge effect.


The Pros And Cons Of This Diet Program

We are going to review the Alkaline Diet and present you the Pros and Cons of this diet so that you have a brief overview . This points cover just the basic points of the diet so we recommend to read the whole article.



  • The program helps you regain your health, lose weight naturally and boost your energy level.
  • You will get a recipes book pdf that features the tested and proven principles that have worked for more than 50 years.
  • The diet plan offers a list of foods that are rich in essential nutrients purify the body and helping the kidneys and other essential organs function properly.
  • The diet is all about natural foods, raw fruits and vegetables, grains, and legumes.
  • The diet calls for foods that you can find at any grocery store or supermarket and is free of processed foods.
  • The product has a 60 day guarantee. If you try it and you do not like it, whatever your reason is, your money will be fully refunded.



  • This diet book is not a quick fix solution, the dietary and wellbeing principles in the program will require some commitment and consistency, if you want to fully take advantage of its long term effects.




This diet plan is not so easy to follow, but can deliver great results, even people who are suffering from severe disease like cancer use alkaline diet along with other treatments and medication. Her program will also increase in the chances for recovery from disease. So this diet is undoubtedly reliable and effective, many people have tried this program and achieved great results, the program is also trusted by a large number of doctors, physicians and other individuals.

This diet includes foods such as vegetables and fruits and the diet eliminates sugar, salt and processed foods, which are good healthy eating habits. Meat lovers will have a difficult time with this diet, but we would recommend trying the diet out for 60 days.

Since you can try this program for a full two months, we don’t see any reason not to “test” it. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply contact Emma DeAngela and ask for a full refund.



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The Alkaline Diet Program
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The Alkaline Diet Program
This diet is based on a holistic approach to attaining good health and weight loss. The eating regimen's based on the balance between the corrosive and antacid levels in your body. Your body’s pH is naturally slightly alkaline and eating alkaline foods will help maintain that level while eating acidic foods will disrupt the pH level of the body and cause health problems.