Yoga Burn System (Her Yoga Secrets) Review – Is it a Scam or For Real?

Does this program Really Work or is it a Scam? Is this program for Real or Not? How does this program work? What makes this program so special for women? What is the secret that makes this yoga system so effective for weight loss? If you’re interested in Zoe’s yoga system, read Angela Fries eBook Review and get all the information you need before you buy it.

Product Name: Yoga Burn System

Author Name: Zoe Bray

Official Website: CLICK HERE

How can this be true? A special yoga program that helps you lose weight. It is not a secret that everything is interconnected in the human body. Therefore, the task of losing weight for the long run should be done comprehensively. As you spend hours at the gym and push yourself to achieve great results, you still find yourself wondering why you’re having trouble losing weight, then this system might just present the solution for your problems. Read our Yoga Burn review and get all the information that you need before buying this weight loss system.


Who is Zoe Bray

zoe bray cottonWhen we are deciding to buy something we are calculating whether we will lose something by purchasing it, or lose something if we do not buy it. To get a better understanding of the product, it’s very important to know who is the author, which can give us some extra information to make a better decision. The author of this weight loss plan is Zoe Bray. The next question is ”Is she legit?” and we can with confidence say, she is legit. Zoe has thousands of hours of experience practicing and teaching yoga classes as well as working one-on-one as a personal trainer. Therefore, she is experienced in teaching traditional yoga for the purpose of relaxation as well as training individuals in the gym who want to lose weight and tone their bodies. She combined these two different goals into one yoga course that helps women relax and decrease their stress levels while boosting their fat burning ability and also toning their muscles at the same time. However, the main trademark technique of this program is called Dynamic Sequencing, which is the secret that you are going to be taught in this program. This trademark technique is designed to work on women’s bodies and speed up their metabolism. Her yoga weight loss system has helped numerous women getting in the best shape of their life. Additionally, Zoe is also certified personal trainer and female body transformation expert.


What Exactly Is This Yoga System?

yoga burn system movesWhen you purchase this program you’ll get a step-by-step yoga method for weight loss which is based on dynamic sequencing. That is a scientifically proven method that has been developed by Zoe Bray. The dynamic sequencing is a 3-phase approach that will help you correctly perform each exercise and guide you through the whole process of shaping your body. It will help you transform your body, but the main difference between this system and other systems is that the results achieved with this one are long-term results. The program is going to give you the necessary knowledge to build the body of a woman who not only looks good, but one that also feels good. As we mention above, this program has three phases, now lets discuss them:


Phase 1: The Foundational Flow

This phase will help beginners build a strong yoga foundation, so you can perform each pose safely and effectively. It is designed to teach you the foundation of a strong yoga practice and of course, start to shape long, lean muscles while having fun. You’ll also learn different strategic sequences and exclusive poses that will boost your metabolism. In addition, in this phase you’ll build a strong mind-body link to enable you to control your muscles, which are vital in the later phases of this program.


Phase 2: The Transitional Flow

In this phase you’ll be taught how to combine the moves that you’ve learned in Phase 1 into a smooth flow that will allow you to burn more calories and get that heart rate up. Each video in this phase focuses on large muscle groups. The 3 workout videos are: Upper body, Lower Body, and Core. You’ll work on your transitions from one pose to the next. Learning how to link poses together feels really good, and allows you to focus on the present moment rather than giving the mind time to wander…it’s like a moving meditation!


Phase 3: The Mastery Flow phase

Now, you are going to kick it up a notch ladies. This phase will combine all the things you learned in the first and second phases. With this changes you will fire up your metabolism and transform your body in ways you may have never imagined possible with yoga. Also, you will be guided through a combination of upper and lower body compound movements. These are designed to get the most done in the shortest amount of time, and the muscles you are going to target will help give your body that sexy hourglass shape.

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What Makes This Program So Special?

This program provides you the best way to get yoga practice optimized for maximum weight loss. The program is designed so that it will work for every woman who has the interest to lose her excess body pounds. The provided information includes a detailed step-by-step plan that will help women with their weight loss and health problems that come from excess weight. When following this program, you will actually feel how your body is changing and hearing the admiring comments from your friends and family members.

Zoe Bray-Cotton also explains what makes her program so special. The main question that comes to my mind is ”why this program, what makes it so different from other programs out there?”. To the question ”what makes this program so special?”, we already know the answer, dynamic sequencing. We explained this type of exercising above and it is really something new on the market. The other part that we didn’t mention is that Zoe explains what are the three biggest mistakes that women make when doing yoga:


1: Signing Up For Generic Yoga Classes

Now, before we start explaining why generic yoga classes are a mistake, we have to say that some people achieve great results with them. However, Zoe designed a program that will work for everyone who just follows her instructions. There is the difference between this program and generic yoga classes at a gym or studio. If you have ever been to a generic yoga classes you have seen that the classes are a mix of different people with different physical capabilities and level of experience. If you’re someone who is a first-timer practising yoga it will be difficult to follow the group exercises. And if you are an advanced yoga practitioner, you won’t get to do the advance exercises that are meant for you in a generic group. So, if you are a first-timer or an advanced practitioner, you are just losing your time joining generic groups that won’t provide you with exercises that you need.


#2: Believing That All Yoga Classes Will Lower Stress Levels And Produce Relaxation

Actually, the opposite is true in the most cases. When you are stressed out, your cortisol levels are high. Cortisol is the hormone that influences our stress levels, but it is also responsible for storing fats. Zoe Bray Cotton explains that attending conventional yoga classes simply raises your cortisol hormones. Which we want to lover, to start losing weight faster.


#3: Being Stuck Doing The Same Yoga Poses Or Routine Class After Class

A good yoga class should consider the special needs of all attendees, their unique capabilities and fitness level of experience. However, to expect this from a regular yoga class is unrealistic, there will be different types of people with different body types. You’ll get a generic yoga practice, where you can’t expect to see great results. Zoe further says that the only way to achieve significant and consistent results from yoga is by performing a series of yoga poses that are made specifically for you. Like any other effective health and fitness system, you should always include adaptation and progression in your program. All of these led her to develop a unique yoga approach called Dynamic Sequencing. Through Dynamic Sequencing, which will teach you the exact and correct poses, duration, and sequence to prevent workout plateau and build a better feminine body.

The system also comes with two extra bonuses, which are going to make the process of losing weight easier. It will also help you to start with yoga.


Bonus #1 Follow-Along Audio Classes

This bonus is a video yoga class that will reveal different tips and tools that you can use in between three phases to maximize the benefits of each yoga session. Zoe also provides different resources that you can use to improve your performance, which will make all the new techniques more easy to follow.


Bonus #2 The Tranquility Flow

This powerful bonus video will provide you with great stress relieving yoga moves. Most women think that every yoga move reduces stress, which is totally wrong, there are some that are very difficult and can increase your stress levels. This is the main reason that we should not do generic yoga. It is always better to perform the right yoga moves for you, if you want to lower your stress level.

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The Pros And Cons Of The Yoga Burn Review

Now we are going to go through the main Pros and Cons of this yoga system, to give you a quick overview of all the benefits that this program has to offer. We are going to list all the points of the review and give you all the information you need.



  • This program is created by an expert, Zoe’s a professional yoga instructor. These days there are many weight loss programs that are created by authors who don’t know anything. However, this is not the case in this program, Zoe is a certified yoga instructor who helped thousands of people with her program.
  • A 60 day money back guarantee is provided when you purchase this program. If you someone who just wants to test out this yoga system, then we recommend that you just grab a copy of it HERE. You can enjoy it for 60 days and if you don’t feel any benefits, then you can return the program back to Zoe and you’ll get your money back.
  • This system can be performed anywhere and at any time. What makes it great for everyone who doesn’t has a lot of time. This is one of the greatest benefits of this yoga system, you can start performing it anywhere in your house with or without a yoga mat. However, we would recommend to use yoga mats for safety purposes. Additionally, it is good to perform yoga moves where you get direct sunlight and fresh air.
  • This product is very cost efficient. If you compare it to the prices of yoga gurus, according to recent estimates, they charge on average $70 for just 5 classes. However, with Zoe’s system you will get a full lifetime access to her yoga program for just $39. Additionally, you can contact Zoe and ask her anything regarding yoga without paying extra costs.
  • You will also get two powerful bonuses, that are really useful. Usually many programs contain useless bonuses, but these two bonuses that you will get in this program are really helpful.



  • To achieve the best results with this program you need to invest some time, be patient and dedicated. Although yoga is a proven technique for weight loss, it is still important to understand that yoga is not a quick fix technique.
  • We should also mention that this program is not for yoga professionals. If you are someone who is practising yoga for years, then you will find nothing new in this program. Zoe designed this program mainly for women who want to lose weight without any intense workout routine.



This program is highly recommended for all women who are looking for a weight loss system that will help them get rid of their excess weight. The program can be purchased and downloaded instantly from this website. It is incredibly simple to start and the instructions are easy to follow, even if you are a complete beginner to yoga.

Overall, I would recommend this yoga weight loss system to every woman who is serious about making some changes to achieve long lasting results. We check all the data about this program and can with confidence say that it’s the real deal not a scam. However, it’s not a magic cure, you have to put in some effort. But, making some changes for great results is normal. This program has a step-by-step approach so there are no surprises and you won’t get lost by too many or by a lack of information. If you already tried yoga classes, but you were not able to experience yoga’s amazing benefits, you really need to try this program. You will only notice changes if you follow routines tailored to your flexibility, capabilities, goals and experience. Now you know why the previous methods you have been following have not worked for you, this is your chance to feel the real benefits of yoga by being guided by a professional certified yoga instructor and body shape specialist.

Since you can try this program for a full two months, we don’t see any reason not to “test” this yoga system. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply contact Zoe Bray and ask for a full refund.


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Yoga Burn System
This is a step-by-step yoga method for weight loss which is based on dynamic sequencing. That is a scientifically proven method that has been developed by Zoe Bray. The dynamic sequencing is a 3-phase approach that will help you correctly perform each exercise and guide you through the whole process of shaping your body.